Why Rent

Get home to find the washing machine hasn’t drained or the fridge hasn’t kept your beverages at the optimal temperature?

DON’T WORRY! Budget appliances has the solution!

Renting with Budget Appliances IS:

Cost Effective

Paying a large sum of money to buy an appliance is no longer viable for many people. When renting a small up-front cost is required (a bond and 2 weeks in advance), and manageable payments can be made weekly or fortnightly.  

Creates flexibility

The needs of our customers change frequently. Renting appliances allows a level of flexibility you cannot achieve when purchasing outright.


With free delivery, the appliances can quickly and easily be delivered to your doorstep or collected when your rental period has finished.

Hassle Free

Searching for appliances and finding competitive prices can be a time-consuming task. Finding a large sum of money to purchase the appliance can also cause major stress. Signing up with Budget Appliances is Hassle Free. With our easy to complete and understand rental contract, we can have the appliance to you within the week. The appliance can be easily returned once the rental period has finished.

We offer

  • FREE delivery
  • FREE installation
  • FREE repairs
  • FREE relocation, if you change address*
  • FREE pick up, when you finished

*Conditions may apply

Package Deals

At Budget Appliances we run promotions all year, but we keep the ultimate deal running ALL YEAR!

Rent 2 – Get the 3rd HALF PRICE
Rent 3 – Get the 4th FREE

Contact us today – 07 856 2129  enquiries@budgetappliances.co.nz

Rent To Buy

We offer our current rental customers (prior rental history of 1 year), the chance to rent-to-buy their appliance or a brand-new appliance. If you have a good rental history with us, we will offer you competitive interest rates and will provide a 3 month warranty on the appliance once payment starts*

If this is something you are interested in, either send us an email at enquires@budgetappliances.co.nz or call us on 07 856 2129

*Conditions may apply


What brand of appliances do you have?

Most of our appliances are Fisher & Paykel and Simpson, but we have many brands in stock. Flick us an email or give us a call to find out if we have what you’re looking for.

What do I need to apply to rent?

To apply to rent we need to see either your driver’s licence, passport, 18+ card or firearms licence and 2 references. If you will be setting up a regular payment, we will need a copy of your bank statement to verify your account number and name.
We accept a bank statement or screen shot of your online banking with your name and bank account number.
Alternatively, you can pay upfront and we will not need to verify your bank account information.
The 2 references that you provide must reside at a different address from you.

I am receiving a government benefit, can I apply?

Yes, of course you!

What if I think my past credit is bad?
If you have had problems with your rental history or past credit, we will evaluate the entire situation and go from there. We look at each application on a case-by-case basis.
Will Budget Appliances complete a credit check?
We may require a credit check. If your credit rating is less than ideal, we can have a chat about your options.
Is there a deposit or bond required?
Yes. A single small appliance requires a $30 bond. Your bond is returned at the end of the rental period if your account is paid in full and the items are returned clean and undamaged. This process normally takes 1-2 weeks.
How do I return my appliance(s)?
Contacts us two weeks before you need the appliance(s) collected so we can book in a pick up time. Our technicians will collect the appliance(s) for you!
Do I need a credit card?
No, you don’t need a credit card to rent with Budget Appliances
How will the appliance get to my house?

Our Budget Appliance technicians will deliver the appliance(s) to your home for FREE. We ask that you let us know if you have stairs on your property just in case we need to send more than one team member to help.

Who will install the appliance for me?

Our friendly Budget Appliance technicians will install all rental appliances in your home.

I want something to rent for a short period of time, say for a 3-day trade show, can I?
Yes, you can rent for as little or as long as you like! Our short term rental contracts are a little different. Call our office to find out all the details on 07 856 21 29 or email us at enquires@budgetappliances.co.nz
What happens if I don’t think there will be enough money in my account on the day my Direct Debit is due?
If you forecast there won’t be enough money in your account on payment day, call us on 07 856 2129 2 days before your direct debit is due to make alternative payment arrangements. This will save you a dishonour fee from both your bank and Budget Appliances. Please see your terms and conditions.
If my Direct Debit falls on a public holiday, when will the payment be processed?
If your Direct Debit falls on a public holiday it will be taken out on the next banking day.
Does the price shown include GST?
Yes, all our prices include GST.
What if I need to change my payment day?
No worries. Call us on 07 856 2129 at least 2 days prior to when your next payment is due, and we’ll change it for you.
What warranty comes with my rental goods?
We will repair or replace the appliance(s) as required. You will only be charged rent for the time you have the item, or a replacement item will be provided.
My appliance isn’t working, what do I do?

If turning the power off and on doesn’t fix the problem, call us on 07 856 21 29 or email us at enquires@budgetappliances.co.nz and we will repair or replace it for FREE as soon as possible.

What happens to my bond after my appliance is picked up?
Once we’ve collected the appliance(s), we check the condition, taking into account reasonable wear and tear, and that your payments are up to date. We will then refund your deposit into your nominated bank account. The process normally takes around 1-2weeks
What is the cost to return the rental appliances?
Its doesn’t cost you a cent*, we will collect the rental appliance(s) for FREE.
Do I need to clean the goods before they are picked up?
Yes, we expect the appliance(s) to be in the same condition as when it was delivered, taking in to account reasonable wear and tear. Just be aware that cleaning fees may apply if its not up to scratch.
Do I have to pay a cleaning fee?
Cleaning fees may apply*.
I’m moving flats, but my current flat still needs the appliance(s), can someone take over the account?
Yes, your flatmate can take over your rental when you move. They will need to undergo the same process to sign up as you did.
Just call us on 07 856 2129 two weeks before your ‘transfer date’ so we can get their name and contact details to arrange a new rental agreement to be set up.
I am moving to a new house, what should I do?

If you’re moving house send us an email at enquiries@budgetappliances.co.nz or give us a call on 07 856 2129 and will arrange to relocate your rental appliance(s) for FREE. If you are moving out of the Hamilton district give us a call to discuss your rental options.

Can I end my contract early?
Yes, you can end your contract early. We do recommend reading the terms and condition in-depth to avoid penalties/fees. Most of our rental contracts have a minimum 3 month sign up with the exception of promotions.
What is someone breaks in and steals or damages my rental appliance? Am I liable?
If someone breaks in and steals or damages your appliance you will be liable for the replacement cost of the item. We recommend content insurance for your flat or house.
What happens if my situation changes and I can't afford my payments anymore?
We understand that things happen and life changes. Call us on 07 856 2129 and we will assess your situation and see what options may be available.
What are my payment options?

We can set up an Automatic payment, Direct debit or you are able to pay cash in advance. For more information send us an email at enquiries@budgetappliances.co.nz or give us a call on 07 856 2129

How do I change my bank account details?
As soon as you have set up your new account call us on 07 856 2129 and we will send you a direct debit to sign. You will need to return this to us before your next payment is due.
What are Budget Appliances fees?
We list potential fees in the terms and conditions. We don’t like charging fees! If you let us know well in advance by call us on 07 856 2129 of any issues, we will do our best to resolve them with you to avoid fees.